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The Richmond Society at a Glance

The Richmond Society was founded in 1957 by a group of local residents originally to fight against the proposal to install modern lamp posts around the ancient Green. This battle was won, but the pressure from tourism, traffic and aircraft pollution and new developments is even greater today. We have determined criteria for what we believe Richmond should aspire to. Click on criteria for more information.

The Richmond Society is independent of all political parties and is concerned only with what is of benefit to residents and visitors. Members of the Society play crucial roles in making sure that proposed changes benefit those who live and work in the borough and also preserve its natural and built environments. The Society is a Registered Charity (No 285805) supported purely by subscriptions and donations from members and all the work is done by volunteers. Click on What we do to find out how you may be able to help.

Of course it isn't all work. The Richmond Society has a full programme of events - meetings, parties, guided walks and visits throughout the year. Click on Programme to find out more. Members are also kept up to date by the free quarterly magazine - click on Publications for details. This website, as well as providing information about the Society, will also keep existing members up to date with issues and events.

Individual membership of The Richmond Society costs only £5 a year and is open to all. We already have almost 1,000 members but the more we have the greater our influence will be. If you live or work here, or if you are just an occasional visitor who loves Richmond, click Join and come and meet your local amenity and conservation group, working and caring for Richmond.

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