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The Richmond Society's Criteria

The criteria used by the Society for evaluating the state and needs of the town and any proposals affecting it are set out in three categories, the built environment, the natural environment and quality of life.

Built environment

Town planning, new buildings, works to existing buildings, landscaping and street furniture should all make a positive and sympathetic contribution to the existing character of Richmond's built environment.

Natural environment

The natural environment should be respected and improved sensitively and its responsible use by residents and visitors encouraged.

Quality of life

Richmond should be a place that people feel proud to live in, work in or visit. This means that Richmond should be clean (i.e. without litter and graffiti), uncluttered, in a good state of repair and a place where people can peaceably and safely go about their business, without being disturbed by noise and antisocial behaviour in air that is fit to breathe. Richmond should have a high level of amenities for a town distinguished by its history and location.